Welcome to our 2019 Synod Assembly in Corpus Christi

Our theme is “Open Eyes, Burning Hearts”, which is based on the Road to Emmaus story, found in the gospel of Luke (24:13-35). This theme is based on our purpose statement: God’s grace transforms and connects us to learn, to love, to lead.  This is a year of learning; the whole assembly will be focused in that direction.

The purpose of our gathering together as the Assembly of the Southwestern Texas Synod is as follows: Gathered to be transformed and connected by God’s grace through: Our common work (the business); Discipleship experiences; Sent, energized, inspired and equipped to engage in God’s mission in the world.

There are a number of changes you will notice from previous assemblies, which are all designed to fulfill our purpose.

I hope that you will find this new format to be energizing, and I encourage you to take full advantage of all the opportunities to learn. You are also encouraged to invite other members of your congregation as visitors so that they too have multiple learning opportunities. This is our first year as this staff putting together an Assembly; we know that we will learn and grow from this process as well. See you in Corpus Christi!



Bishop Susan J. Briner


The Southwestern Texas Synod is part of Region 4 of the ELCA-Brandmark
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