Conference Deans are an extension of the Office of the Bishop. They are appointed by the Bishop. Deans foster a sense of collegiality, care, co-learning, and collaboration among rostered ministers and Synod Authorized Ministers of their conference. They advise the bishop on strategic and tactical matters and serve on behalf of the bishop for installations, exit interviews, and various functions as requested. The deans constitute the Committee of Deans. The chair of the Committee of Deans is a vocal member of the Synod Council. A fuller description can be found in Chapter 11 of the Southwestern Texas Synod Constitution.

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Rev. Bethany Hull Somers

Alamo Conference Dean

Rev. Sam Brannon

Capital North Conference Dean

Rev. Don Taylor

Gulf Coast Conference Dean

Rev. Cheryl Kester-Schmidt

Bluebonnet Conference Dean

Rev. Katie Rode

Hill Country Conference Dean

Rev. Mike Widner

Cibolo Creek Conference Dean

Rev. Ann Schlossnagle

Rio Grande Conference Dean &
Committee of Deans Chair

Rev. Candice Combs

Capital South Conference Dean