The Synod Council serves as the Southwestern Texas Synod board of directors and as the interim legislative authority between meetings of the Synod Assembly.

Officers & Council Members

Rev. Sue Briner


Carl Teinert

Vice President

Leslie Blalock


Monica Buie


Elva Villalpando

Alamo Conference

John Kassel

Cibolo Creek Conference

Carol Semper

Bluebonnet Conference

Ann Schwartz

Capital North Conference

Marsha McConaughy

Capital South Conference

Lorie Garcia

Gulf Coast Conference

Carl Schoessow

Hill Country Conference

Brenda PiƱero

Rio Grande Conference

Rev. Heather Hansen

Alamo & Cibolo Conference

Rev. Gary Conklin

Bluebonnet & Gulf Coast Conference

Rev. Katie Wegner

Capital North & South Conference

Rev. David Henry

Hill Country & Rio Grande Conference

Ashlynn Althaus

Youth Representative

Ellen Drees

Young Adult Representative

Rev. Jessica Cain

Committee of Deans Chair

Rev. Steve Cox

Ministry Team Chair

Rev. Dr. Sarah Nye

Ministry Team Chair

Rev. Paul Miller

Ministry Team Chair

Debbie Mattke

Women of the ELCA Representative

Paul Goldenbaum

Lutheran Men in Mission Representative