Part-Time Ministry

Part-Time Ministry Guidelines
Part-Time Compensation Guidelines


A video by lay folks at Living Word in Leander, Tx on their wonderful experience with
their pastor taking a sabbatical
Sample Sabbatical Policy
Sample Sabbatical Sending Liturgy
Sample Sabbatical Returning Liturgy
Sample Sabbatical FAQ's

Mutual Ministry

Pastor and People: Making Mutual Ministry Work
Here are some sample documents to help you get started.
Sample Mutual Ministry Orientation for Congregations (Part 1)
Sample Mutual Ministry Orientation for Congregations (Part 2)
Sample Mutual Ministry Orientation for Steering Committee
Sample Newsletter Article introducing Mutual Ministry Committee
Sample Job Description for Committee Members
Guidelines for choosing Mutual Ministry Committee members
Information on Starting a Mutual Ministry Committee
Information on Mutual Ministry Committees from the ELCA - c. 2002


Hymns Unto God: Complete Public Domain Hymn List
Copyright Webinar | Handout
Resources for Musicians
Your Copyright Questions Answered
Software for Choirs

Congregational Council Resources

The Effects of Brain Trauma from COVID with Dr. Betsy Stone (Part 1)
The Effects of Brain Trauma from COVID with Dr. Betsy Stone (Part 2)

Anger Management Session 1 - Recording | Handouts
Anger Management Session 2 - Recording Password: 4Q0!0@%5 
Anger Management Session 3 - Recording | Handouts

Hybrid Church Webinar Series
Becoming a Hybrid Church - Recording | Handouts
Designing a Hybrid Faith Formation - Recording | Handouts
Hybrid Worship - Recording | Handouts
Engaging People in a Hybrid World - Recording | Handouts
Technology - Recording | Handouts

Council Orientation Session from Jan./Feb. 2022
Recording | Handout

For Congregation Secretaries | Handout

For Congregation Treasures | Handout