New Ministries in the Southwestern Texas Synod

Out of the low-time of the coronavirus pandemic has come a flurry of new life in the form of new ministries in the Southwestern Texas Synod, each of them doing ministry with a marginalized subset of the population in their designated locale. We are excited to see the new seeds that these ministries are planting and invite you to learn more about the work they do and the people they encounter.

Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries

 Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries es un Ministerio del Sinodo Suroeste de Texas localizado en la Iglesia Luterana San Lucas de Eagle Pass en la frontera entre Texas y Mexico. Sirviendo ecuménicamente con el Ministerio Metodista Mission Border Hope y el Ministerio Católico Frontera Digna, respondemos juntos a las necesidades más esenciales de los migrantes, tales como alimentos, atención espiritual, agua, ropa, higiene y artículos personales esenciales.

Los migrantes que han sido procesados por la Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza de los Estados Unidos (CBP) son colocados en Mission Border Hope, donde pueden pasar la noche y se les ayuda con la logística de transporte a San Antonio y / o a su destino final dentro del país, mientras esperan que continúe su proceso de asilo. Además de la respuesta humanitaria en curso, Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries esta actualmente liderando un estudio de factibilidad para establecer un Centro de Inmersión Multicultural. Estaremos compartiendo los avances de este proceso participativo para nuestras congregaciones, sínodos y ELCA en general. 

 Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries is a ministry of the Southwestern Texas Synod located at Iglesia Luterana San Lucas on the border between Texas and Mexico. Serving ecumenically alongside the Methodist Ministry of Mission Border Hope and the Catholic Ministry Frontera Digna, we respond to essential daily needs of migrants such as food, spiritual care, water, clothing, hygiene, and personal essentials.

Migrants who have been processed by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are placed at Mission Border Hope where they can stay overnight and are helped with transportation logistics to San Antonio and/or to their final destination within the country, while they wait for their asylum process to continue. Beyond our ongoing humanitarian response, Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries is currently undergoing a feasibility study toward establishing a Multicultural Immersion Center in Eagle Pass. We will share the ongoing progress toward this transformative goal involving our congregations, Synods and ELCA in general.  

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Technicolor Ministries
Faith in Full Color

Technicolor Ministries is a mission development of the Southwestern Texas Synod, ELCA for the LGBTQIA+ community and those that love them. We walk with LGBTQIA+ people and allies in faith communities across the Southwestern Texas Synod, educate clergy, and congregations about LGBTQIA+ matters, and work to create local communities of support and prayer. This ministry is intended to be a supplementary ministry for those that are already part of a congregation and is happy to be a primary ministry for those without a church home.

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Valley Metanoia Network
Changing our way of being and doing church

Valley Metanoia Network is a ministry that seeks to innovate in the development of worshipping communities and the discipleship of missional leaders, to establish new expressions and fluid faith communities that respond to the present contextual and social reality. In addition, it promotes and seeks the development of networks, mutual support, and accompaniment for people on the margins. 

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Pláticas de Santa Sophia

Platicas de Santa Sofia is a community largely composed of Beloved who have historically been marginalized by the institutional church.  We gather around the gospel of Jesus and find connection to Creator and to one another through art, food, and deep conversation. We hope that Spirit moves you to join us.  Come and see. You belong here! 

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Palabra de Vida
Multicultural/Multi-ethnic Ministry in South Austin

The Emergence~ A new ELCA church start in South Austin

Palabra de Vida ~ is a new Southwest Texas Synod-approved Worship and Sacrament Lutheran Mission start currently located in South Austin. Palabra de Vida is designed to emerge as a Multicultural, Multiethnic ELCA Lutheran Church with its outreach to reflect the cultural and ethnic context of the neighboring communities surrounding its worship doors. 

All are invited to come and listen, to learn, to love and to share God's Grace, God's Mercy, God's Way.