Our Mission at the Margins

The Southwestern Texas Synod has the longest border with Mexico, putting us front and center in the humanitarian crisis at the border. We currently respond to essential humanitarian needs of migrants through Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries, our Lutheran Ministry located at Iglesia Luterana San Luca.

In December we invited people to expand our Mission at the Margins at Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries, and the people of the Southwestern Texas Synod responded with overwhelming generosity! We blew away our goal of $25,000, with $34,600 raised! These gifts matter.

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We praise God for the life-giving generosity in response to our Synod's End of the Year Appeal. This generous and compassionate response to "Mission on the Margins” ensures our daily humanitarian response to the migrant situation as well as seeding a vision for our long term transformational and sustainable dream of a Multicultural Immersion Center in Eagle Pass.

It is our joy and mission commitment to serve human needs of people who find themselves in the long, difficult and painful journey of migrating from their countries in search of hope and a better life. In the real faces and stories of these migrant neighbors we see the face and story of Jesus himself. Whether it is a meal, a bottle of water, a place to stay overnight, a prayer or a smile, nothing is taken for granted, everything overflows with sincere and heartfelt gratitude. To all who in different ways continue to be part of God's mission on the margins, thank you in the name of Christ.  -Natanael Lizarazo of Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries

Generous donations provide:


Direct Care for Migrants

People come to the border with nothing. We will show God’s love to 90-100 families over the next six months. This humanitarian response includes, among other specifics, the following: food, water, clothing, shoes, socks, underwear-for children, men & women, hydration liquids like Gatorade, over the counter medicines like ibuprofen, Robitussin, healing creams, backpacks, hygiene kits, money for transportation from Eagle Pass to San Antonio, gift cards to take along their journey. 

Impactful Immersion Experiences for Allies

In the next six months, 30-40 people from around the country will: 

  • Encounter a real experience and time for reflection on the complex realities which are embedded on the border

  • Commit to return to congregations and/or organizations with a doable plan of action in support of Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries

  • Renew conversion to God and the suffering and vulnerable neighbors

  • Foster evangelical imagination toward habits of discipleship in a multiethnic context

  • Inspire and connect a movement of learning, compassion and solidarity across our Synod, other synods and ELCA in general.

This will happen as Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries opens a Multicultural Immersion and Retreat Center with a director to coordinate it.  This serves as a first step towards a larger dream for this portion of the ministry.


Necessary Legal Representation

Given the unique nature of this ministry and our responsibility to provide humanitarian aid without breaking the law or facing other legal risks, we will work with an emigration lawyer who would offer us training and be a consulting resource when needed. This applies to the short-term as well as the long-term journey of Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries.