Holy Experiments Team
Chair: Rev. Jake Fain

The Holy Experiments Team, ever mindful of the wide diversity of contexts in the synod and the rapid pace of change in our world, will focus on fostering adaptive, diverse, and faithful ministry responsive to God’s mission in Southwestern Texas Synod.

To support and enable the fulfillment of certain synod responsibilities including:

  • developing of new ministries, redevelopment of existing ministries, and support and assistance in the conclusion, if necessary, of a particular ministry;  
  • leading and encouraging of congregations in their evangelism efforts;  
  • assisting members of its congregations in carrying out their ministries in the world;  
  • encouraging congregations to respond to human need, work for justice and peace, care for the sick and the suffering, and participate responsibly in society
  • providing resources for congregational life.  

A more complete description can be found in Chapter 11 of the SWT Synod Constitution. 

Leadership Team
Chair: Rebecca Guengerich

The Leadership Team, in cooperation with the Office of the Bishop, will support the leadership of this church through such ministry areas as:

  • Lay Leadership Development  
  • Rostered Leader Care
  • Rostered Leader Learning
  • Advocacy for Rostered Leaders  

A more complete description can be found in Chapter 11 of the SWT Synod Constitution

Self-Organizing Ministry Teams

Self Organizing Ministry Teams are people with a passion for an issue who connect and collaborate on throughout the synod. These teams reflect the diversity of people and ministry interests in the synod. A Self Organizing Team is initiated by volunteers and recognized by Synod Council as a synodical ministry team. Self Organizing Ministry Teams support existing ministries in the synod as well as develop new areas of service. 

If such a group desires to be recognized as synodical, its members must make a request of Synod Council.  The Self-Organizing Team’s purpose must conform with the Southwestern Texas Synod’s purposes and goals.  The Synod Council reserves the right to refuse such a request or to dis-associate from a Self Organizing Team at any time.  The Self-Organizing Team’s leaders must be members of Southwestern Texas Synod ELCA congregations. 

After a group has been recognized by Synod Council, A Self-Organizing Team has the following privileges: 

  • Use synod communications, i.e. E-news, synod Facebook page, Synod Assembly displays, and/or Zoom as resources allow. 
  • Request money through a granting process or a budget line request if funds are available. 
  • Host events related to their topic under the name of the Southwestern Texas Synod. Partner with other Self-Organizing Teams.  
  • Dissolve the group when they decide to do so.  

A Self-Organizing Team will not automatically be entitled to receive staff support or money allocated in the budget. 

Interested in starting a team? Contact the Office of the Bishop