Southwestern Texas Synod Migration Ministries

Vision Statement:  In partnership with a network of organizations, to offer welcome, safety, and belonging to our migrant neighbors on their journey through direct service, education, and advocacy. 


Give to Border Relief at the Southwestern Texas Synod: Monetary donations will be used for Border Relief where it is needed the most and the current need is at Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries. As the need for border relief moves and changes, your donations will follow which may mean crossing ministries or synods. 

Click to Give to Border Relief

Education and Advocacy

LIRS ADVOCATE - LIRSConnect ; Congregational Resources | LIRS 
AMMPARO  AMMPARO - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (
Powerpoint from 2022 Synod Assembly
Debunking Myths about immigrants Ten Myths About Immigration | Learning for Justice
Cultural Resources Cultural Orientation Resource Exchange: Refugee resettlement resources (
Texas Impact Weekly Witness Podcast – Texas Impact | Human Migration – Texas Impact

Ministry Opportunities

Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries
Plaza de Paz Respite Center:  Immigration & Refugee Ministries (
Interfaith Welcome Coalition Volunteer Opportunities - Interfaith Welcome Coalition
La Posada del Providencia in San Benito, Texas  La Posada Providencia (
Migrant Resource Center through the San Antonio Food Bank at San Antonio Food Bank - Fighting Hunger...Feeding Hope (

Migration Ministries Team

Migration Ministries Team Chairperson, Deacon Lisa Diana,

Migration team members:  Pr Barbara Wangness, Pr Dawn Silvius, Pr Gabriella Conklin, Jan Demro, Pr Natanael Lazaro, and Paul Pfeifer.