Transformational Ministry Grant

Transformational (adj.) : causing or able to cause an important and lasting change in someone or something
Ministry (n): a person or thing through which something is accomplished

Ministry Grants are awarded for projects that will enable people to experience God’s transforming grace and connect through learning, loving and leading in innovative ways; new pilots/experiments that specifically foster communities of Jesus that nurture relationships with God, one another and the world. Consideration is given to how projects can be adapted for use by other synod congregations, conferences, ministry teams, working groups, or task forces.

Who can apply?
SWT Synod congregations and conferences, ministry teams, working groups, and task forces.

How can grant monies be used?
It is a stimulus grant to kick off your start-up/experiment. It is not intended to be the sole source of funding or designed for ongoing operational costs. Additional monies, non-monetary support, and congregational/organizational resources should all be considered when planning the project budget. Think of this as a one-time investment in transformation. While there is no set grant amount, any requests over $5,000 should consult with SWT Synod Council Grant Committee during the application process.

What is the timeline?
Oct. 1: Applications due online
Nov. 30: Synod Council reviews applications & awards grants
30 days after completion of the project: Submit a report online and prepare a 3-5 minute presentation for the SWT Synod Council

For grant questions or assistance, please contact

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Tiemann Leadership Grant

In 2018, we embarked on an amazing journey to create the Tiemann Endowment Fund for Leadership Development. Together with you, this fund was successfully established to support the development of congregational lay leaders, pastors, and deacons serving under Letter of Call.

We are pleased to provide grants annually to equip lay leaders, pastors, and deacons in building and strengthening our congregations and ministries! Managed by the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest as a permanent endowment, this fund is creating a new generation of supported and trained leaders for our faith community. The Southwestern Texas Synod Council provides oversight for grant applications and distribution.

Read about our 2021 grant recipients.

Grant Timeline:
Oct. 1: Applications due online
Nov. 30: Synod Council reviews applications & awards grants
30 days after completion of the project: Submit a report online

For grant questions or assistance, please contact

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Evangelical Mission Endowment Fund Grant

The Evangelical Mission Endowment Fund embodies the theme of the 2022 synod assembly “Got Good News? Go with it!” which is based on the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch found in Acts 8:26-40. Philip eagerly answered the Holy Spirit’s call to take the good news out onto a wilderness road, and he faithfully responded to the needs of the Ethiopian eunuch. Philip’s eagerness and faithfulness to the gospel continue to inspire us today. When the Holy Spirit calls us, we pray that we, too, will take the good news and go with it. The fund empowers us to turn our eagerness into action by developing and supporting ministries that bear the good news on the wilderness roads of our synod. 

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St. Luke's Lutheran Health Ministries Grant

Philanthropic Focus
St. Luke's Lutheran Health Ministries, Inc., provides support to non-profit healthcare-related ministries that benefit the San Antonio regional community, with primary consideration given in this order of priority: Direct and indirect health services (medical, dental, and mental health) and protective health services, health education, preventive services and wellness initiatives, Health care equipment and supplies that are critical to the delivery of direct care.

Program Criteria
Proposals that consider the following criteria have greater potential for receiving grants:
1.  Address root causes of a concern, rather than treating symptoms.
2.  Leverage the financial and community resources of multiple interests in addressing the issue.
3.  Serve as a catalyst to stimulate joint cooperative efforts among different sectors of the community.
4.  Result in a growing, long-lasting, impact on the situation beyond the value of the grant itself. 
5.  Reflect and encourage sound financial planning and solid management practices in the administration of the project.
6.  Focus on evaluation

Grant Application Requirments
1.  Limited to non-profit organizations that are tax-exempt under federal law
2.  Video and audio presentations not accepted
3.  Only one application per organization in any calendar year
4.  Applications must be postmarked by the last day of February for consideration in the spring grant cycle; the last day of August for consideration in the fall grant cycle
5.  Application must include:
        a.  Cover letter on organization stationery, signed by the executive director
        b.  Application - 2 pages maximum, which includes the Fact Sheet and the one-page narrative.  (one copy only of the 2-page application, please)
        c.  Attachments - one copy of each attachment

To receive a grant application or for information, please contact  Vicki Boyce, Executive Director
PO Box 6101  |  San Antonio, Texas 78209  |  (210) 820-3038  |