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Living Stones: SWT Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Join Bishop Sue Briner and local guides Canon Iyad Qumri & Rami Qumri

Congregation Council Orientation

Recording and Resources

Thank you for attending the Congregation Council Orientation. Here is the Recording and the PowerPoint that was shared. If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Darcy Mittelstaedt at 830-379-9900 ext. 15
To help the Office of the Bishop communicate with Congregation Council Leaders, it is important to update your leadership information here
Congregational Vitality Learning Community Taster Event Follow Up

As the body of Christ, we are much stronger in our ministry and witness when we see one another relationally, connected, interdependent, as a network! As part of our synod vitality strategy, we are gathering congregations and leaders into cohorts, or learning communities, to journey together on the way of Jesus and congregational vitality. Through a grant from the ELCA Christian Community and Leadership Home Area, we are partnering with several organizations that specialize in facilitating learning communities to offer opportunities for congregations to strengthen their ministry and witness in the areas of discipleship and community engagement, stewardship and generosity, strategic planning, and faith in daily life.

Thank you for joining leaders across the Southwestern Texas Synod for the virtual taster event that was held on Monday, January 9th at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom. We discovered ways to nurture vitality in our congregation by being invited into a learning community.


Interested in learning more about learning community options? Check out the opportunities and learn more about our partners here.

  • LEAD Journey - A transformational experience that grows a congregational culture of vitality and bold witness for Jesus through deepening discipleship, listening and partnering with neighbors, clarifying mission and purpose, and building connections with diverse people and communities.  
  • Stewardship for All Seasons with GSB - Rostered ministers and congregational leaders learn tried and true principles and effective methodologies to carry out productive stewardship year-round resulting in more money for ministry, more energized stewards, and a culture of generosity.     
  • Strategic Planning Learning Community with LEAD – Congregations collaborating to design their strategic plan, with an end product that includes goals, metrics, and implementation plans for the next two years.   
  • Life of Faith Initiative – Empowers congregational leaders to put the ministry of the baptized in the arenas of daily life at the center of the congregation’s purpose, to recognize and affirm the ministry God is already doing in our daily roles and relationships, and to live into the reality that the church exists both as a gathered and a scattered people. 

If you are interested in the LEAD Journey, LEAD Strategic Planning, or Stewardship for all Seasons with GSB, contact Pastor Chris Steubing.

If you are interested in the Life of Faith Initiative, contact Deacon Darcy Mittelstaedt.