SWT Synod Disaster Preparedness and Response Team

Our team members welcome you and thank you for your interest. Below you will find tools and information that can be helpful before, during and after disasters.

How to Prepare:


Who to contact:
Official local, state, federal sources, and Office of the Bishop


Pastoral, Spiritual, Compassion Care:

Training Options:

Ways to assist:

  • Make a Donation to the SWT Disaster Fund
  • Make a Donation to ELCA Lutheran Disaster Response
  • Synod work days (will be organized and promoted through eNews as needed)
  • Spiritual/emotional support through on-site prayer, with comfort bags, etc.
  • We understand you want to help, but there are common ways like sending clothes or stuffed animals that are less helpful.

How well is my congregation prepared for a disaster?

  • Where are our legal documents and church records kept?
  • Who knows where/how to turn off water/power to the building?
  • What is the contact information for our insurance?

These are just a few questions for you to consider as you assess your preparedness. For a more thorough approach, please see the resources above.

SWT Synod Disaster Preparedness and Response Team

The Rev. Lisa M. Hoelscher, Vicar Johnene Cunningham, Rev. Nancy Jaster, Dinah Halopka and Paul Hannemann

February 2021 Winter Storm Message