Call Process Checklist
  1. Rostered Minister has announced their leaving (retirement, new call, etc.); congregation contacts Bishop Sue and/or Deacon Darcy Mittelstaedt
  2. The Rostered Minister completes the Change of Status Request Form
  3. Plan a celebration to honor/thank your Rostered Minister
  4. Congregation discerns what type of rostered leader they need
    1. If Word and Sacrament, contact Bishop Sue
    2. If Word and Service, contact Deacon Darcy Mittelstaedt
  5. Congregation puts together a Call Committee according to their constitution
  6. Call Committee works on an MSP and Job Description
  7. The Office of the Bishop gives names of candidates for discernment and interviews. 
  8. Call Committee conducts interviews (CONFIDENTIALITY is a MUST)
  9. The congregation Call Committee discerns if the candidate is a fit and once they find the right candidate, they release any other candidates and take the desired candidate to the Church Council for approval and compensation negotiations.
  10.  Once Council approves, a special congregation meeting is set
    1. Complete the Congregational Call Meeting Form
    2. Complete the Compensation Package Online Form
      1. The office of the bishop will review and respond if necessary
      2. The office of the bishop (Deanna Zitelman) will
        1. coordinate a Synod Rep to be present at the congregational call meeting
        2. email a packet with details and directions for the call meeting and Synod Rep.
        3. mail the letter of call to the congregation
  11. At the Congregation Call Meeting, there are two votes that take place
    1. Vote to call the rostered minister
    2. Vote on the compensation package
  12. If Congregation Call goes through, celebrate and welcome the new Rostered Minister
    1. The congregational president and secretary sign the letter of call and return it to the synod office. The office of the bishop will sign, affix the synod seal and mail the letter of call to the congregation.
    2. Coordinate an Installation with the Congregation and the Conference Dean
      1. Complete the Installation Request Form
      2. The Congregation and Conference Dean will send out a local invitation/announcement
      3. The office of the bishop will send out a synod wide invitation/announcement
Used to describe a congregation’s mission and their search for a rostered minister.
Requests a Synod Rep. to attend the Congregation Call Meeting.