Got Good News? Go with it!


This webpage contains post-assembly highlights and resources.

This year and during our synod assembly we experienced our own wilderness road, chariot ride, and baptismal waters.

We thank you for attending the synod assembly in person. We had a great time learning, worshiping, engaging in faith practices, praying, eating, sharing stories, and celebrating! We are grateful for each and every one of you and your congregations.  Now that you have the Good News! Go With It!

Synod Assembly Reflections

Thank you Assembly Sponsors



We are beyond grateful for their support and partnership in ministry.

Saturday Resources

FacebookLive: Plenary I Keynote 1
Faith Practice: Dwelling in the Word
Portico Benefit Services Video
Faith Practice: Body Prayer for the Lord's Prayer
*Voice Vote on Standing Rules: Approved
*Voice Vote on Proposed Agenda: Approved
*Voice Vote of Acclamation: Approved
*F-3 Leadership Development Team Chair
State of the Synod
LMM Greeting

Embracing Evangelism - Handout
Stewardship & Generosity - Handout
The Church's Role in a Divided Society - Handout 
Public Deliberation Initiative - Handout
Migration Ministries - Handout

FacebookLive: Workshop 1Workshop 2
Got Good News Song
Cross Trails Ministry Video
FacebookLive: Cross Trails Ministry Corporation
*Cross Trails Ministry Election

Sunday Resources

Proposed Resolution 1
Reference and Counsel Recommendation

FacebookLive: Plenary II
Faith Practice: Telling Your Faith Story   Video | Handout
International Women's Leaders
Grounding and Prayers for Plenary II
Campus Ministry Video
Proposed Budget Vote
Project Radical Hospitality Video
Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest Video
FacebookLive: Keynote 3

Faith Practice: Visio Divina  Picture | Handout
ELCA Report
ELCA Video
*Vote on Proposed Budget
Rostered Women's Retreat Video
*Vote on Memorial 1
Shiner Gift Program Video
*Vote on Memorial 2
Lutheran Immigration Services Video
*Resolution 1

Evangelical Mission Endowment Fund
Assembly Offering - As of June 21st we have collected $53,128.95

Your gift to the 2022 synod assembly offering will impact vital ministries in the Southwestern Texas Synod, and it will also challenge Bishop Sue and her staff to "get up and go." The Evangelical Mission Endowment Fund currently provides sustaining financial support to ministries in our synod in vulnerable settings like Pláticas de Santa Sophia in San Antonio, Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries on the border, and the New Lutheran Apostolic Network of South Texas.

The story of Philip and the Ethiopian inspires this endowment. In Acts 8, an angel of the Lord told Philip to "get up and go" to a wilderness road south of Jerusalem. Philip got up and went. After spotting a chariot, the Spirit told Philip to go and join it, and he ran up to the chariot. What follows is a life-changing conversation between Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.

Because of the Evangelical Mission Endowment Fund, ministries in our synod change lives by accompanying migrants, feeding hungry people, offering spiritual nourishment, and more. Anytime the Spirit calls us forward, we want to be ready, and an additional $180,000 to the fund will allow us to create and sustain meaningful ministries for years to come!

To encourage gifts, Bishop Briner and her staff issue a challenge: for every dollar donated to the synod assembly offering between now and August 31st, the synod staff will take one step. $180,000 dollars equates to 180,000 steps. That’s 80 miles!

$2000 will lead to Bishop Sue walking a mile. Do you want to see Pastor Lisa run a 5K? That’s $7,500. Gifts of all sizes will help us accomplish our goal.

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Many thanks to Pastor Anna Gordy and Katy Miles-Wallace for their wonderful artistic renditions of Acts' Philip and the Ethiopian.

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