2023 & 2024 Synod Assemblies

May 6, 2023
Digital 1 Day Business Assembly on Zoom

Spring 2023-Fall 2023
Regional 1 Day in Person Learning & Fellowship Events

May 3-5, 2024
In Person at The Embassy Suites Conference Center, San Marcos

Got Good News? Go with it!
Pastor Chris Steubing and Director for Evangelical Mission in the Southwestern Texas Synodwrote and recorded a song based on our theme “Got Good News? Go with it!” This song tells the incredible story of the encounter between Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch in the book of Acts. The Ethiopian was headed home by way of a wilderness road after what must have been a confusing visit to Jerusalem. He’d gone there to worship, but as a foreigner and a eunuch he would’ve been excluded from fully participating. The Holy Spirit sent Phillip out to that same road where he was able to share the good news of Jesus’ love, justice, and radical welcome for all. It was a surprising, unexpected place to go, but that’s where the good news was needed. And both of the travelers were transformed by their experience. Pr. Chris is giving this song, ‘Got good news,’ away as a free download because he wants to get the word out that the Spirit is sending us in our synod to go with the good news to surprising, unexpected places. 

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Evangelical Mission Endowment Fund
Assembly Offering

Your gift to the 2022 synod assembly offering will impact vital ministries in the Southwestern Texas Synod, and it will also challenge Bishop Sue and her staff to "get up and go." The Evangelical Mission Endowment Fund currently provides sustaining financial support to ministries in our synod in vulnerable settings like Pláticas de Santa Sophia in San Antonio, Eagle Pass Frontera Ministries on the border, and the New Lutheran Apostolic Network of South Texas.

The story of Philip and the Ethiopian inspires this endowment. In Acts 8, an angel of the Lord told Philip to "get up and go" to a wilderness road south of Jerusalem. Philip got up and went. After spotting a chariot, the Spirit told Philip to go and join it, and he ran up to the chariot. What follows is a life-changing conversation between Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.

Because of the Evangelical Mission Endowment Fund, ministries in our synod change lives by accompanying migrants, feeding hungry people, offering spiritual nourishment, and more. Anytime the Spirit calls us forward, we want to be ready, and an additional $180,000 to the fund will allow us to create and sustain meaningful ministries for years to come!

To encourage gifts, Bishop Briner and her staff issue a challenge: for every dollar donated to the synod assembly offering between now and August 31st, the synod staff will take one step. $180,000 dollars equates to 180,000 steps. That’s 80 miles!

$2000 will lead to Bishop Sue walking a mile. Do you want to see Pastor Lisa run a 5K? That’s $7,500. Gifts of all sizes will help us accomplish our goal.

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