Greetings from Bishop Sue Briner

SWT Synod Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

How to Prepare:


Who to contact:
Official local, state, federal sources, and Office of the Bishop


Pastoral, Spiritual, Compassion Care:

Training Options:

  • Lutheran Disaster Response: Volunteer Coordination webinar
  • Lutheran Disaster Response: Spiritual and Emotional Care Training
  • CISM

Ways to assist:

  • Financial
  • Synod work days
  • Spiritual/emotional support through on-site prayer, with comfort bags, etc.

We understand you want to help, but there are common ways like sending clothes or stuffed animals that are less helpful.


Congregational self-assessment:
How well is my congregation prepared for a disaster?

  • Not at all prepared: we have no idea where our legal documents are kept or they are not secure; we do not know who would take charge or be responsible if our physical site was damaged; if our congregation suffers major damage, we do not know who to contact in the Office of the Bishop
  • Somewhat prepared:
  • Well prepared:
Southwestern Texas Synod Disaster Response Team

The Rev. Lisa M. Hoelscher, Vicar Johnene Cunningham, Dinah Halopka, Paul Hannemann and Bernard Scroggin