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Issues & Editor
The Vista is published four times per year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  

Recent Issues
Winter 2017   Fall 2017
Summer 2017   Spring 2017* 
Winter 2016*          Fall 2016*
Summer 2016   Spring 2016*
*Issues contain supplement from a partner in ministry
The Vista is edited by Deacon John Dellis, who also serves as Gift Planner of the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest for the Southwestern Texas Synod Area. He has served as editor since 1989.
Submitting News
Articles: Please submit news articles in Microsoft Word or rich text format as an attachment to an email message. Shorter articles may be sent as the text of the email message. Microsoft Word graphics cannot by used.
Photographs: Minimum 200 DPI; jpg, tif, or PDF format. All images and graphics should be sent as attachments to email messages, not embedded as part of a Word document. News may be submitted by contacting the editor.
Deadlines: Please submit news by the date below to be included in the quarterly publication.
Spring: Feb. 15   Summer: May 15   Fall: Aug. 15   Winter: Nov. 15
Congregations submit additions, changes, and deletions to the Southwestern Texas Synod office.  Congregations may submit updates by email at, mail or phone at 830-379-9900. Congregations are encouraged to submit updates as often as needed.

Twice each year, every congregation receives a list of its members who are receiving the paper. This is a good opportunity to audit the list to ensure that all members are receiving the paper. Congregations are encouraged to submit changes on a timely basis, as the synod is charged 50 cents by the Post Office for each returned address.

Rostered ministers, whether active or retired, receive their subscription to the The Vista through the congregation where they hold membership. Congregations should submit the names and mailing addresses of rostered ministers who become members as they would any other new member.
The Vista Subscription Form
For a current copy of the congregation subscription list or to make multiple changes, please contact
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The Southwestern Texas Synod is part of Region 4 of the ELCA-Brandmark
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