Rostered Leader Forms


Annual Reports:
Due February 15, 2018
Clergy Compensation Guidelines
You will receive a pdf copy of your report via email since you cannot print your report. If you do not receive an email copy within a week of submitting your report, please email or call 830-379-9900.
Please note that incomplete reports are not submitted.
Co-Terminus Calls
ELCA Rostered Leaders Resources
Individual Database Update/Changes Rostered Leaders: Minister of Word & Sacrament; Minister of Word & Service  
Interim Ministry Profile
Ministry Opportunities
On Leave from Call Request
            Rostered Leaders - Not Under A Call
Rostered Lay Professional Compensation Guidelines
            Rostered Leaders - Retired
Rostered Leader (RLP)  
Supply Pastor (Online)  
Transitional Ministry Monthly Report (Online)  
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Database Change Request Form


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