Deacon Peggy Hahn
Deacon Peggy Hahn serves as the Executive Director for LEAD, aligning passionate leaders, resources, and practices to grow Christian leaders who grow faith communities in our world. Peggy is a frequent speaker and author who is never without a pile of books to read and seeks coaches and mentors for herself in an ongoing quest to learn and grow. Peggy is committed to listening to pastors and leaders of all ages for insight into the ways they are growing in their own faith and what LEAD can do to support them in their development as leaders
ELCA Representative
Rev. Brenda Smith
Rev. Brenda K. Smith is Program Director for Faith Practices and Book of Faith in the Domestic Mission Unit of the ELCA Churchwide Office. She works with other faith formation leaders, both lay and clergy, to create a culture of discipleship in the ELCA.  Rev. Smith and Rev. Dwight DuBois coordinate the Book of Faith ministry, one that aims individuals and congregations to be intentional about opening the Bible and having conversations about the transformative power of the word of God.  She also convenes the ELCA’s Renewal/Prayer/Revival Team that offers healing and prayer services; Lutheran revivals; and workshops on various topics across ELCA entities.
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Workshops & Affinity Tables
Workshops and Affinity Tables are a chance to learn and engage conversation about important topics for our synod, congregation, etc. Workshops will be held on Friday and Saturday. Affinity Tables are specific reserved tables for conversation during Saturday and Sunday lunch.You will have the opportunity to sign up for workshops once we have workshop information posted. If there is not enough space or attention, the workshop may become an Affinity Table instead.
  • How to Be Healthy as a Spiritual Practice
  • Opening our eyes to the power and joy of living our faith in daily life
  • ELCA Campus Ministry Research and Results
  • The How To's of Technology
  • It takes a village... but where are they?
  • Speaking without Manuscripts
  • Review of the proposed budget for 2020/2021
  • So You Think You Might Want to be a Pastor or Deacon? Candidacy in the ELCA Explained
  • Transformational Generosity Through Legacy Giving
  • Learning from our Partner Synod in Costa Rica
  • Barnga
  • Zen Practice for Lutheran Christians
  • Extraordinary Callings
Affinity Tables
  • Rostered Leader Spouses
  • Latino Leaders
  • Youth & Young Adult Participants
  • Deacons
  • Faith Formation
  • Immigration
If you would like to suggest an affinity table topic,
please email it to


Due to space limitations, we would like to offer appropriate space for workshops. Please take a moment and select and rank the top 5 workshops you would most like to attend. There will be an opportunity for 1 workshop on Friday and 2 workshops on Saturday. Final workshops and affinity tables and locations will be posted prior to assembly.


The Southwestern Texas Synod is part of Region 4 of the ELCA-Brandmark
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