Statement of Intent for 2018
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Mission Support
We are pleased to provide you with two important tools for your stewardship ministry.
Calculate Where Your Mission Support Goes:
Good stewardship leadership includes interpretation so that as many people as possible understand how their offerings are used for the mission of the church. By entering your congregation’s planned mission support contribution into the box below, you will be provided with a table that shows exactly how your mission support dollars will be used by the synod in 2018. This is a wonderful teaching resource for telling the story of how your members participate in the work of God in the world through their offerings. By highlighting and copying the whole section, you can then paste it into newsletters, bulletin inserts, and other stewardship interpretation resources.
Statement of Intent for 2018:
The second tool is a two-step-click way for you to turn in your Mission Support Intent for 2018. Use the scroll down box to select your congregation, enter your name and email address and finally enter the number from your 2018 budget that you intend to remit to the synod for Mission Support. When you click on submit in the lower left corner, your congregation’s intent will be automatically sent to the synod. No envelope. No stamps. No trip to the Post Office. We are making this easy for congregational treasurers and for us.
A printable statment of intent form may be available later this fall.
Calculate Where Your Mission Support Goes
Pie Chart 2018-19 Budget





Total anticipated support:
ELCA Churchwide (53.5%)
Supporting Partners (7.6%)
Ministry Programs & Support (6.0%)
Staffing for Ministry (25.5%)
Administration (7.4%)

The Southwestern Texas Synod is part of Region 4 of the ELCA-Brandmark
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