The Missional River

The Missional River – What’s Next?

In Spring of 2015, the synod completed its 18 month pilot initiative for congregations and their pastors to experiment with some simple practices of  listening to God in Scripture, with one another and with our neighbor.  Out of that initiative, a synod leadership task force helped to discern key learnings on how to affect culture and behavioral change, and to make recommendations to synod council on next steps. At the September synod council meeting the members wrestled with these learnings and recommendations, and on October 12 they approved three resolutions:

1. Dwelling in the Word – encouraging the use of Dwelling in the Word throughout the synod; the Mission Builds team will make resources available to congregations to encourage this practice

2. Expanding the Missional River throughout the Synod – making Missional River an umbrella term that includes the practices of listening, experimenting, coaching, action-reflection learning with companions/cohorts and sharing God stories

3. Engaging Neighbor, Encountering Diversity, Confronting our Racism – making resources available for congregations to assist them in connecting with those who are different from them, for the sake of the gospel

The Synod Council took action to themselves Dwell in the Word in all official meetings and to intentionally grow in their own understanding of the issues surround race and racism in order to model the change they want to bring to the synod.    We committed to aligning our resources around this initiative and to partner wherever possible with other organizations who shared our values and could bring resources to the table.   We recognize that it is a long and difficult journey to shift from attractional to missional ways of being the church, but we are confident in the power of God in Christ Jesus to more us forward.

Missional River Resolutions passed by Synod Council on  October 12, 2015

Dwelling in the Word - How to's and Sample Texts

Pastor Sue's 2014 Synod Assembly Sermon on the Missional River

Video of Missional River

Missional River 2.0

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