The Ministry Teams
There are three Ministry Teams for the Southwestern Texas Synod. The Mission Team, The Leadership Development Team and The Ministry Resource Team. The Synod Assembly elects a chairperson for each team to serve a four-year term. Working groups will be organized to help accomplish this ministry for each of these teams.
The Mission Team

Contact Chair: Rev. Sarah Nye

The Mission Team focuses its work in six areas:

Mission Begins, which works in the establishment and support of synodically authorized worshipping communities, congregations under development, and new mission sites.

Mission Builds, which works with existing congregations to connect with their neighborhoods, utilizing the 3 great listenings (to God in scripture, with another, with neighbors) and experiments at engaging with the neighbor, joining in the mission God is already up to just outside of our very own congregational walls.
Mission Grows via Faith Formation (Children, Youth & Family)

Mission Beyond,  which focuses on ministries outside the congregational setting, like campus ministry, seminary and university professors, global mission connections, camping, prison ministry, and hospital/hospice/military chaplains; and so on. 
Mission Beyond Borders,  which focuses on building connections and relationships with the synod's Companion Synod, the Lutheran Church of Costa Rica, and with the Global Mission unit of the ELCA (through regional Global and Glocal mission events) with a special emphasis on mission relationships among our nearest border with Mexico.

Resources for Mission which focuses on how to grow our personal and congregational generosity for the sake of God's mission in the world.
The Leadership Development Team

Contact Chair: Rev. Paul Miller

The Leadership Development Team will coordinate ministry in three areas:

Parish Ministry Training Program, which trains laity in a three-year program for greater service in their home congregations or as synodically authorized ministers;

Rostered Leader Care, called The Grace Teamwhich will be an organized cadre of rostered leaders who  provide confidential, consistent contact and pastoral care for rostered leaders and youth leaders, both active and retired, including widow(er)s;

Leadership Development and Support
The Ministry Resource Team
Contact Chair: Randa Lyn Bruce Gonzales

The Ministry Resource Team will be comprised of various groupings that will be formed and exist for as long as there is passion and interest in that area.  These teams can truly reflect the diversity of people and ministry interests in the synod. 

Currently, those groups include the Poverty Task Force, Cherish Our Children, Peace Not Walls, Partners in Evangelical Worship (PEW), Hunger Task Force, Disaster Preparedness Task Force, Book of Faith, the School of Mission, a Communications Task Force, and others as they are created.

The Southwestern Texas Synod is part of Region 4 of the ELCA-Brandmark
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