Dwelling in the Word
Getting out into the Neighborhood, not to fix, but to find God out ahead of us
Texts to explore Race, Racism
Texts to explore our journey as the church
Texts for Listening, Discernment
  • 1 Samuel 3:1-11 – call of Samuel
Texts for Healing
  • John 5:1-9 – Man by the pool at Bethzatha – “do you want to be made well?”
Elisha’s response shaped by his capacity to see what his servant had missed seeing
Without a little background, this one is initially difficult. Consider sharing first these background notes:
“Elisha performs a series of miracles to help the Israelite army avoid a dangerous confrontation with the Arameans. Elisha is even able to hear what the Aramean king says in his bedroom!  The Aramean king tries to arrest Elisha in Dothan…When the city is surrounded by the enemy army, Elisha prays that his servant’s eyes to opened to see God’s horses and chariots of fire defending the city.”  Lutheran Study Bible, page 601.
  • 2 Kings 6:8-17
Dwelling in the Word: Texts from the Gospels
15:21-28          Jesus and the Canaanite Woman                    faith, race, bias, women
18:23-35          Parable of forgiving king and                         forgiveness, mercy
                        unforgiving servant
19:16-22/26     What must I do to have eternal life?              money, possessions, law, eternal life
20:1-16            Parable of the vineyard workers                     eternal life, fairness
1:21-28            Jesus casts out an unclean spirit                      healing, teaching, authority
2:1-12              Healing of paralytic lowered through             healing, forgiveness
                        the roof
2:23-3:6           Picking wheat and healing on the                   Sabbath, healing
4:1-9                Parable of the sower                                       faith
5:26-34            Healing of hemorrhaging woman                   faith, healing, women
6:7-13              Sending out of the disciples                           mission
7:31-37            Jesus heals deaf man                                       healing
8:27-38            Who am I? take up your cross                        discipleship, faith
10:23-31          Jesus speaks about wealth;                              wealth, faith
                        first shall be last, last shall be first
1:26-38            Angel visits Mary                                            women, faith
1:46-55            Mary’s song                                                    faith, mercy
10:38-42          Mary and Martha                                            faith, women
17:11-19          Jesus heals 10 lepers                                        faith, healing
24:13-35          The walk to Emmaus                                      encountering Jesus
8:3-11              Woman accused of adultery                           women, sin, judgment
12:23-26          A seed must die to bear fruit                          discipleship
14:1-7              Jesus as the way, truth, life                             discipleship
15:1-11            Jesus as the true vine                                       discipleship


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