Developing Ministries
We have a number of developing ministries in the synod. These are ministries that may grow into congregations in the future. They would love to have local congregational mission support partners. Contact the Pastor-Developers below for more information.

You can click on the blue links for more info/to email the Pastors. If you have info about any of these ministries that you want to add, please send it to our webmaster.

Congregations Under Development

  • Our Savior, Boerne -- Rev. Steve Rode
  • Gethsemane/Jesus Maestro, San Antonio - Rev. Eric Miletti-Gonzales

Synodically Authorized Worshipping Communities?

  • San Pablo, San Antonio --Rev. Nelson Velazquez
  • People of Hope, Victoria - various
  • Platicas de Santa Sofia, San Antonio - Enedina Vasquez, lay mission developer
  • The Gathering, New Braunfels - Cherise Farmer-Miles, lay mission developer

Ministry under Redevelopment

  • Wimberley, Lutheran Church of the Resurrection

Ministry to People Living in Poverty

  • Christo Rey, Pharr -- Rev. Alma Morales
  • San Lucas, Eagle Pass -- Julio Vasquez, SAM

Gulf Coast Conference Mission

  • Island Mission, N. Padre & Mustang Islands -- Rev. Tom Dietzel

Mission begins in multiple ways and each new venture has its own footprint depending on the local setting, the synod strategies, the developer and the partnerships that surround the work.

  •  Congregation Under Development  are the result of a new ministry profile developed by the Director for Evangelical Mission and others.  A CUD  has a developer called by the synod council and has started, working with the goal of becoming an organized congregation. 
  • Ministry under Redevelopment - Transformational ministry to re-arrange in a local community
  • SAWC Experiment is the beginning stage of exploration of a particular field, usually part-time.  There is no gathered community at all at this stage and experimentation is encouraged to test the field.
  • SAWC: Synodically Authorized Worshiping Community, a ministry approved by the synod and affirmed by CSM that is exploring a particular ministry field.  While there are some SAWCs that are part time, most are intended to become Congregations Under Development or move directly to organization.
  • Alternate Worshiping Community  is  a  new ministry started within an existing congregation.  This may be a ministry developed by the "host" congregation or the existing congregation may agree to host the new ministry while they determine if they will become one ministry or stay separate as two ministries. 
  • Alternate Worshiping Site:  When a congregation starts a new ministry in a different location, essentially a church starting a church, but the two are still connected and may have one budget, one staff, etc. or they may work toward the new ministry becoming independent.

From these entry points, leaders develop models using the key foci of mission development:  theological grounding, leadership development, contextual ministry, discipleship, healthy, organic ministry and justice oriented ministry.  Models are as varied as the number of new starts that we have just as communities and their needs vary.


The Southwestern Texas Synod is part of Region 4 of the ELCA-Brandmark
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