Conference Deans
The deans of the conferences shall constitute the Committee of Deans and they select their own presiding officer. The Committee of Deans assist the bishop in developing and maintaining the synod's roster of ordained and lay ministers for the Synod Council and in other duties as may be assigned by the Synod Council or the bishop. The Committee of Deans meet at least two times each year. Additional meetings may be held as necessary.
Rev. Kathy Gauger
Alamo Conference Dean

Rev. Herb Beyer
Bluebonnet Conference Dean

Rev. Skip Wachsmann
Capital North Conference Dean and Committee of Deans Chair

Rev. Jessica Cain
Capital South Conference Dean
Rev. Mike Widner
Cibolo Creek Conference Dean

Rev. Don Taylor
Gulf Coast Conference Dean

Rev. Carmen Retzlaff
Hill Country Conference Dean

Rev. Steve Herzberg
Rio Grande Conference Dean
Deans Mdm
Rev. Greg Gaskamp
Special Assistant to the Bishop for Transitional Ministers

Rev. Gaskamp serves as an advisor to the committee of deans and provides care and promotes transitional thinking and behavior among those who provide pastoral leadership in congregations during times of transition.
  Conference Deans Announcement    

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