Missional River 2.0 - Leading in the Missional River



Missional River 2.0: Leading in the Missional River. An invitation for congregations to strengthen leadership as they join in God's misson

Leading in the Missional River emphasis is on resourcing congregational leadership with new behaviors and tools to build on LEAD’s best research, Missional River 1.0’s learnings, and the congregation’s assets.

This is a new invitation to congregations who may or may not have experienced the Missional River 1.0. All are encouraged to join in.

Participating congregations will experience:

  • LEAD Coaching for one year, introducing a 3 to 4 year journey of transformation.
  • Three LEAD Learning Seminars in year one adding new skills and tools for leaders.
  • LEAD’s 10-step Tune In process for creating behavior change,.

Click here for a short video of stories from leaders who participated in Missional River 1.0

Click here for a brochure that includes costs for congregations

Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a 10 minute toolbox introducing the process(es) we'll be using (you may need to register to view, but there is no charge)

Click here for instructions on how to build your team.

Questions? Want to know more? Contact Pastor Sue at 830-379-9900 or sbriner@swtsynod.org


Last Published: April 16, 2018 2:02 PM

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