Specialized Ministries

We have many specialized ministries and Rostered leaders with specialized calls throughout the synod. These include:

  • Faculty: Rev. Dr. Jay Alanis, LSPS; Rev. Dr. Norm Beck, TLU; Rev. Dr. Phil Ruge-Jones, TLU, Rev. Dr. Tim Lincoln, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Campus Pastors: Rev. James Bouzard, Christ Chapel, TSU; Rev. Paul Collinson-Streng, LCM UT, Austin; Rev. Kara Stewart, Campus Ministry TLU
  • Military Chaplains: Rev. Gary Bertsch, Rev. Paul Cannon, Chaplain Scott Ofsdahl
  • Mission Investment Fund: Rev. Pam Dorman
  • Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest: Anna Livingston,AIM, Austin
  • Haven for Hope, SA: Rev. Ann Helmke
  • Nursing Home Chaplain: Rev. Lucinda Zesch, Fredericksburg
  • Hospice Chaplains: Rev. Darwin Huartson, Vitas Hospice, SA; Rev. Kay Johnson, Hospice, SA; Rev Marcia Kline, Hospice, Corpus Christi; Alicia Wills, Hospice, SA; Rev. Pam Brouker, Hospice, Austin
  • Counselor: Dr. Nick Wilkens, Seguin
  • Intentional Interim Ministers: Rev. Dave Seddelmeyer, Rev. Ann Koopman

    Download a list of specialized ministries

    We'd love to have a link for each of these describing their mission, where they exist in the synod, and who is involved in it. If you can contribute to this, or if you have any corrections to make to this page, please contact our webmaster.


Last Published: September 23, 2014 5:53 PM

The Southwestern Texas Synod is part of Region 4 of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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