Treasurer - Officer of the Synod
Synod Treasurer
The treasurer of the Southwestern Texas Synod, ELCA is responsible for proposing financial policy for review and action by the Synod Council and provides for the implementation, within such policies, of the financial, accounting, audit, property management, investment, banking and related systems.
Congregation Information

501c3 Status /Tax Exemption

Congregations should apply for 501c3 status to become tax exempt. To do so, follow the ELCA instructions on applying for the ELCA Group Tax Exemption and complete the state tax exemption form.

ELCA Forms and Documents for Group Tax
(select the "Tax" tab)

How to apply for a Texas state tax exemption
There is state tax exemption for sales and for hotel.

How to verify a current Texas state tax exemption



Last Published: September 14, 2015 1:12 PM

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