Constitution & Bylaws
Constitutions, Bylaws & Continuing Resolutions
Current Congregational & Synod Constitution
Congregational constitutions are kept on file at the Synod Office. Please check the congregational constitution report to make sure we have a current electronic (PDF or Word) copy on file.
Congregational Constitution Changes
ELCA provides the following resources for Congregations to update and maintain current Constitutions, Bylaws & Continuing Resolutions.
Changes must be reviewed and approved by Synod Council and filed with the Synod Office. Congregational constitutions are received by Bishop's Administrative Assistant, reviewed by Rev. Richard Bremer and approved by Synod Council in February, May and September. Submissions must be received a month prior to Synod Council meeting in order to be considered for review.
Please submit the following information
  1. an electronic copy of the congregational constitution
  2. congregation name and city
  3. name, email and phone number for primary contact for the consitution
Last Published: May 6, 2016 11:32 AM

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