The Southwestern Texas Synod Grants
"God's People - Growing in faith - Outwardly focused - Doing mission!"
Mission and Ministry Opportunity Grants
Provide financial support for congregations, ministry teams, and task forces of the Southwestern Texas Synod to "equip the people of God to be instruments of God's love", to develop various means of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in new and inventive ways, to offer projects that bring ministry focus into reality and to combine ministry components to encourage and enable mission outreach to the community.

Grants are awarded up to $2,000.
Grant funds must be matched by the recipient.
(No matching required for SAWCs or young congregations.)
The Synod Executive Committee will review and award grants by November 1st.
Any unused grant funds must be returned to the Synod for re-distribution.
Vision Project Grants
Available to congregations, ministry teams, task forces, and partners in ministry of the Southwestern Texas Synod.
Growing in Faith
Outwardly Focused
Doing Mission
Such projects could involve education, spiritual growth, theological training, etc. for clergy, congregation lay leaders, etc.
Such projects look beyond the boundaries of a congregation into the community, which may include a food pantry, etc.
Such projects may include a missions trip, within our outside the synod, developing mission partnership with another congregation, etc.
Grants are awarded $2,000-$5,000.
(No fund matching required)
The Synod Program and Evaluation Committee will review and award grants within 60 days of the application due date.
Any unused grant funds must be returned to the Synod for re-distribution.
due September 1st
Mid-Year Report - due July 1st
End-Year Report - due December 1st
Spring Grant - due February 1st
Fall Grant - due September 1st
The grant application and reporting processes
are being re-developed.
Please re-visit for the new processes coming soon.

Spring Grant - due December 1st
Fall Grant - due July 1st
Last Published: March 14, 2016 12:51 PM

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